Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review: AeroPress Coffee Maker

I first learned about the AeroPress coffee maker when I attended the Northern Ireland AeroPress Championship. I went along thinking it was some kind of latte art competition, but it was actually people making cups of coffee for the judges and none for the audience. Luckily this was straight after exams so my threshold for fun was extremely low.

Making the coffee: There are a lot of steps to the process of using the AeroPress so it helps to have the instructions to hand the first few times you use it to ensure you do everything correctly. The instructions are only one way to make coffee; you can play about with the steps and put your own twist on it (that was the entire premise of the Championship).
Time: Once you have the hang of using the device you can make a cup of coffee in about 90 seconds. This sounds super quick, but during those 90 seconds you're actively doing something. Compared to other brewing equipment that you bang a heap of coffee into and walk away from it's labour intense.

The brew: Words cannot describe how good a cup of coffee this device makes. Flavours that once sat in the background are brought to the forefront. The coffee is so smooth you'll have to stop yourself from removing your knickers. Another bonus to coffee brewed using the AeroPress is that there's no nasty dredges of escapee grounds at the bottom of your cup.

Yield: The biggest flaw of the AeroPress is that is only yields one small cup of coffee. It's not ideal for a two people, or one raging coffee-addict.
Cleaning: I had assumed that such a complex looking device would be a pain to clean. After all, my cafetiere is the bane of my kitchen sink. It's actually super easy. You remove the bottom cap and fire the grounds into the bin. There's a minimal amount of grounds left on the device and it easily washes off. The filters are also biodegradable, which is great for people like me who feed their grounds to their compost heap.

Storage: The Aeropress is a small piece of kit and won't take up much cupboard space.

Price: They're available from Bailies Coffee for £27.99 or The Coffee Store for €32.95. Other retailers are available, but only these two come with my personal stamp of approval.

Verdict: This is a great piece of equipment for all levels of brewers because it makes a delectable cup of coffee and has a medium price point. A tip for requesting your bean grind when purchasing your coffee is to ask for a tad finer than drip grind because a lot of people haven't heard of the AeroPress. As a final note, the filters are sold in packs of 350 and are a very reasonable price, even if you do have to go to the trouble of ordering them online.

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