Friday, 30 December 2016

Social Media Detox Diary - Roundup

During this last week I've continued to procrastinate and generally avoid work (it was Christmas to be fair), but at least I've engaged in better quality distraction. Without facebook, I read more articles online and used the internet for more purposeful things. I don't miss endlessly scrolling, although for the first 24 hours I suffered what can only be described as physical withdrawal symptoms (reaching for my phone every 10 minutes only to have nothing to do). This made me realise just how much of my life I waste online.
I can reactivate my account today but I might give myself another few days of radio silence. The only thing I'm anxious about is that deleting your account makes it look like you've blocked the person who's searching for you. It's a massive design flaw which I'm pretty sure facebook purposefully chose to stick the knife into anyone who dare leave. On the other hand all my friends know that I'm 22, not 12, and I don't go around blocking people for seemingly no reason.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Review: Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Described as 'industrial strength' I was excited to try Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer and had geared myself up for a beauty miracle. After convincing the store assistant that, no, really, I need the lightest shade Benefit offers (I assume the poor girl was blind because how else would you think a ginger woman would need anything other than milky-cream?) I went skipping home to play with my new face paint.

Shade Light 01
Starting from a bare face I used it to cover a minor blemish and as a skin tone evener around my nose, chin and forehead. I applied the concealer using my fingertips because I was covering a large surface area, but if you want a really precise application I would recommend a small brush. The product is rich and creamy, without being oily or greasy. After applying the concealer I put on my foundation (Clinique Even Better). The two products worked well together even though they're different brands; there was no cakey effect or uneven blending. The makeup stayed put for the whole day and I was fairly chuffed...until a few days later. My skin broke out something chronic as a result of using this product. By way of making sure that it was the concealer I left it a few days and then applied it to my forehead only and, yes, it was definitely the concealer.

I brushed this experience off as one of those things because I have sensitive skin, but the next time I was in Benefit I thought to mention it to one of the assistants (who looked to have ruddy fantastic quality skin might I add) and she said she had the same problem. She told me that she uses Benefit's primer, which seals off your pores, before using the concealer so it doesn't have such a bad effect. I was speechless at the thought of powering ahead with a product which gives you minor breakouts and declined to buy the primer. The point of this encounter is that the Boi-ing concealer has the potential to irritate your skin, regardless of whether it's sensitive.

The Verdict: This is a 1* product because it causes the problem it's meant to cover up. The RRP is £17.50/€24.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Social Media Detox Diary - Day 4

Christmas day was yesterday so, like any normal person, I was too busy eating my weight in cake and watching subpar television with my family to be bothered about facebook. Strangely, my tablet had been receiving messages from messenger, even though I requested that messenger be disabled too. I couldn't read them but I could see the first line and who had contacted me. It made me feel like I was quasi-cheating, but I used this to know who had messaged me and then got back to them via other channels. It just goes to show that facebook will not let you leave without a fight.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Social Media Detox Diary - Day 2

My worst fears have been confirmed, my inability to concentrate cannot be blamed on technology. I regressed to circa 2006 methods of distraction yesterday by putting on a DVD and vegging out on the sofa. On the bright side, without my phone offering much by way of distraction, I paid attention to the entire film. I'm determined to see this detox through, maybe my brain just needs a 24 hour adjustment period.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Social Media Detox Diary - Day 1

Master's life isn't so much busy as it is a never-ending minefield of deadlines. Every time I sit down to write I lose myself to endlessly scrolling my facebook feed. It's not that I'm overly active online, on the contrary, I mindlessly look through everything and post little of my own content. It's frustrating to waste time on something so fruitless; during one of my stronger moments I told facebook that I wanted a break and I deactivated my account for 7 days.
I'm mildly concerned that all the time I waste online is a part of who I am and that I will just find another avenue of distraction. Surely everyone in the nineties didn't have a super attention span which was destroyed by social media; but what did they do? I've also realised that I will be facebook-less for Christmas Day but I can't decide whether that is a good or bad thing. My biggest problem right now is that I keep reaching for my phone and then remembering that it has nothing to offer me. At least the battery life will last longer.

Even the concept of blogging this journey is a distraction. Somebody. Please. Help. Me.