Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

My grandmother almost had a breakdown in Debenhams when the Clinique lady informed us that they were discontinuing her favourite foundation because of the impending launch of Clinque Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer.
Getting my hands on a bottle was no mean feat. For the first month all shops were sold out of the lighter shades. Thankfully, my grandmother spotted a bottle of alabaster in Galway and sent it up to me.
To give you a perspective on my make up needs, my skin type is normal with an inclination towards dry skin if the weather's bad. I never suffer from oily skin.

My first impression of the make up was Jesus Christ, look at that applicator wand! It is huge! I'm not a fan of using wands and sponges when applying foundation. Besides from the smoother effect using that your fingers gives, I'm ever mindful of the fact they're a germ trap. Bacteria are gross anyway, but bacteria on your face breeds spots so my concern is justified.
I like to use a very light but not watery foundation. I'm blessed with reasonably good skin so there's really no need to use anything heavy. I found this product was thick without being heavy, but it still wasn't as light as I would have liked. However, if I was trying to cover up blemishes then this would be ideal as it provided coverage without cake.

My favourite thing about the Clinique range is that they cater to the paler skin tone. Other brands (I'm looking at you, Rimmel) print 'ivory' on the bottle but what you actually get is orange. Clinique also match your colour based on whether you have pink or yellow tones so you end up with the most natural looking make up.
The concealer combination didn't really seem to add much to the overall effect. I tried using a dab on a blemish, letting it dry, and then applying the make up all over but I found I got better results the next day when I used a separate concealer.
My make up stayed put throughout the day and there was no need for reapplication.

This foundation + concealer retails at £25/€33 which is very reasonable for such a good quality foundation. My experience with Clinique foundations is that a bottle lasts a long time with careful usage.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes a thicker coverage, suffers from an uneven skin tone or breakouts. If you're like me and use foundation to give a nice finish to your skin rather than need it to cover problem areas it may be a bit much for everyday use, but an ideal make up for the evening when you prefer something a bit more substantial.
Shade: 2 alabaster

Monday, 16 February 2015

Review: 50 Shades of Grey

Let me begin by saying that I have read 50 Shades of Grey, so my expectations for this film were already low. However, somehow the movie was even worse.
The dialogue was clunky and the cringe factor was high. The things Ana and Christian said sounded false, ridiculous and read straight out of a porno. During some of the most sexually explicit lines of the film the audience weren't on the ends of their (slightly moist) seats, they were laughing. 
There were also huge jumps in conversation. Everything would be normal then suddenly Mr Grey would say 'come' or 'I fuck' and they were at it. Sorry, no, that isn't a plotline; that's just soft porn.
  The production was a GCSE media studies teacher's wet dream. A few examples: the symbolism of their last names (she's Steele because she's a strong woman), his apartment block being a symbol for his massive erect penis, and not to mention the pathetic fallacy. It was all so obvious; it was embarrassing to think that it had been put together by adults. Not to mention the complete overuse of camera shots that hovered around characters' fully clothed genitals. You don't need to direct my vision to Jamie Dornan's arse, believe me it's already there.
  Another irritating thing was Jamie Dornan wasn't nearly as naked as I thought he was going to be, especially when compared to how often Ana had her kit off. In fairness, he rocks a suit like no other man but I could have done with 15% more nakedness from him. In half the sex scenes he kept his trousers on, although we were treated to a delightfully cheeky shot of his base at one point.
There was also a bit of gasping when Ana's mighty bush was revealed, and the thing was rather impressive. Moses himself would have loved a burning bush that size (burning with passion, in case you didn't get that). In a way I'm quite glad they opted for bush, bush revival is overdue (read: waxing is painful and expensive).
 But the prize for most irritating thing about 50 Shades goes to the way Ana kept biting her lip. It's not sexy! No one looks good biting their lip, it's a cheap porny way to appeal to men that I'm not sure they even appreciate. And talk about overdone! Within the first five minutes of the film she must have needed to nip back to her dressing room for Vaseline...although they might have kept a tub of that in the red room.

I hate to give this title out so early in the year, but 50 Shades is the worst film of 2015. I really can't see how anything will be worse than this, unless they manage to churn out the sequel before the year is out (please God, strike down whomever would be responsible for that). The entire experience was toe-curlingly-cringe-worthy because, in essence, I watched soft porn with 100 other women (and also one man).
However, I would still recommend you go see it. HEAR ME OUT! This film is so bad...it's funny. I've already had hours of conversations about how truly terrible it was and been in tears with laughter over my friends imitating scenes. It's worth the 2 hours of pain just so you can join in the laughter at the end.

One final note, many people have been quick to diss this film for "glorifying domestic violence". Before you jump on that wagon please read the book or watch the film, don't just read excerpts online (anything can sound bad taken out of context) or repeat what your friends tell you.
Personally I don't think there was abuse towards Ana in 50 Shades. I can see how other people would interpret it in different ways, and that's fine, but please actually read/watch it before you form your opinion. There definitely was abuse though, in the form of Christian admitting he'd been a submissive at age 15.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Review: Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer

I used this product after a few heavy nights out had left my skin dry and dull. To prepare my skin I washed my face with Dove soap (my beauty bag essential) and also used the Clinique 7 Day Scrub to exfoliate any dead skin and residual alcohol related shame.
The first thing I noticed was how thick the moisturiser is. It sat comfortably on my skin without sliding around or leaving any greasy shine. Straightaway my skin felt like it'd had a moisture injection. It sank in quickly without disappearing. Like the whole Clinique range, the cream is odourless.
The next morning my skin definitely had a glow. When I washed my face I couldn't feel the moisturiser wash off so it must have absorbed into my skin, rather than sat on top of it all night. I tend to get dry skin on my jaw and around my nose when I don't take my makeup off before I go to bed but Clinique erased my sins!

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer retails for £36/€52 for a 50ml pot, which is expensive but this isn't something you have to use every night. Bi-weekly usage would be more than enough to give your skin a boost.

I was lucky enough to get this in a super
cute Clinque minis set