Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: Skinny Spinkles

The Product: Skinny Sprinkles is a powder you mix with water to create a strawberry flavoured drink. You take it 30 minutes before each meal. It's meant to make you feel fuller faster and therefore you eat less. It can also be used as a snack replacement
The active ingredient is glucomannan but Vitamin C and B3 are thrown in for good measure. Skinny Sprinkles recommends having 3 sachets a day for maximum results.
At the moment it's only available in strawberry flavour.
The Taste: I loath strawberry flavoured things. Skinny Sprinkles has the same flavour and consistency as unset sugar-free jelly. Just like alcohol, it's best served ice cold so keep a jug of water in the fridge.
Convenience: Because each drink is individually wrapped it's easy to have on the go. The only issue is mixing it discretely, but who cares as long as you lose weight, right?
The Results: Skinny Sprinkles isn't a meal replacement so you still have to eat something. I already eat small meals so my food intake barely fell. I didn't feel fuller for any longer than usual.
During the course of Skinny Sprinkles my calorie intake was 'good', but there was no noteworthy decrease. I was eating slightly less but because I eat healthily that decrease only added up to about 100kcal a day. Three sachets of Skinny Sprinkles are 57kcal so the few calories I saved weren't worth talking about.
I haven't lost faith in this product though; when taken on an empty stomach it killed off hunger pains. It's suited to people who eat larger portions and need help cutting down, or serial snackers.
Drawbacks: If you're anything like me Skinny Sprinkles will greatly increase your water intake. Hydration is good but constantly having to pee isn't!
The Website: Firstly, do not be put off by the atrocious grammar; apostrophes and colons are all over the place along with random capitalisation.
There's some great advice on the website about how to lose and manage your weight, and it's all written in a light-hearted tone. Perfect for anyone who finds weight loss medical jargon about as useful as a freezer full of Ben and Jerry's. There's a fab 1940s theme too, which won't help you lose weight but sure is funky.
The Price: You can order straight from the Skinny Sprinkles website where a 21 stick box will set you back £17.95 + £2.60 P&P (£4.95 for Ireland). I recommend checking out their facebook page for discount codes. Delivery was really fast, my order came the next day.
Additional Info: Vegan society approved!

Skinny Sprinkles could be a handy product to have over Christmas to minimise over-eating (we've all eaten a full tin of Roses at one time or another). If you're already eating small portions I don't think this is the diet aid for you.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Review: Slim Pasta

Dieting can be hard and there's nothing worse that being hungry. If you've set yourself a restrictive calorie allowance it can be difficult to create meals which will leave you satisfied without being repetitive.
On the other hand, low calorie diet food usually sucks. It's like all the taste is in the calories. This is why I was skeptical of Slim Pasta. I mean, 21 calories a serving? Who are you trying to kid? But I was made eat my words (and my pasta) because, amazingly, Slim Pasta is good! 
I was delighted by how quick it is to cook. All you do is rinse the pasta then chuck it in a pot for a few minutes. Definitely a life-saver if you come home starving and can't wait for your dinner to cook. The pasta itself is tasteless, but 'real' pasta is hardly packing flavour punches. Whatever sauce you put on it is where your taste is going to come from. 
The texture is probably the strangest part of Slim Pasta. It's rubbery and takes a bit of chewing. It's not massively unpleasant but it's definitely its weakest element.  
If you decide to give Slim Pasta a go be aware that when the packet says 1-2 servings it really is 2 servings. I definitely misjudged how filling it is and used 3/4 of the pack. Waaaay too much. Then again, that's only an extra 10 calories so I didn't cry over it. 
As a diet aid Slim Pasta is a great way to reduce your calorie intake and is available in penne, fettucine, and spaghetti. Slim Rice and Slim Noodles are also out there which really opens your dinner options up. 
The biggest drawback is it makes mealtimes rather expensive. The RRP is £2.49 (Holland and Barrett), so I'd recommend using it a few times a week rather than at every meal.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

5 Ways to Kick Start Your Pre-Christmas Diet

It's November, which means it's only one month until the Christmas season really kicks off. That means parties, a house full of goodies and more photos than you've taken all year. You need to look good, right? Start your diet now, lose a few pounds in time for all those parties and relax your eating over Christmas.
What's the quickest way to drop those pounds? There's no magical answer, unfortunately, but there are ways you can start your diet with fire and maximise your results.

1) Try a teatox. I've reviewed the Bootea one here. It's a brilliant way to start your diet and the structure of the routine is a major help for anyone who struggles with self-discipline. You can teatox for 28 days, or just for 14 if you prefer.
2) Cut out the booze. Alcohol has so many calories that heavy nights on the town are bound to ruin all the diet and gym work you've done. A sober month in the run up to the least sober month will also give your liver some well deserved resting time.
3) Cut out all liquid calories. Swap your full sugar pop for the diet version - or even better replace all pop with water. Also watch your coffee intake; a grande Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is 311kcal which is more than most chocolate bars. Be careful not to cut out milk though, you still need calcium. Try skimmed or non-dairy alternatives for the lowest calorie options.
4) Don't weigh yourself more than once a week, it will drive you crazy. Weigh yourself when you're feeling good about your weight and use it as reassurance that you're on the right track. Remember that all kinds of things can affect your weight (muscle weighs more than fat so anyone hitting the gym hard might not have amazing numerical results). Also remember that the type of scale you own will have an impact on your weight, whilst electronic scales are more accurate they can give different results depending on the type of flooring they're on and even the temperature!
The best measurement of how your diet is working is what you see in the mirror. Happy with it? Then you're doing it right.
5) Buddy up. Being the only one not eating pizza can really suck, get a friend to diet with you and you can keep each other strong (and call each other fat bitches if temptation is given into).