Monday, 16 December 2013

Interview with Dale Jones

Dales Jones is an actor from West Yorkshire who has appeared in various TV shows including: This is England; Hollyoaks; and, most recently, Fresh Meat. 

What made you want to become an actor?
At school I was never interested in drama, I was all about the music, but I got a call from the Yamaha FSIE national owners' club who wanted to know if I was interested in appearing with my bike in This is England. I sent in a photo of myself and ended up riding next to one of the main characters.
Taking drama at college is what made me really consider it as a career though. I couldn't imagine doing a 9 to 5 job. I want adventure!

How did you feel when you got the part on Fresh Meat?
When my agent rang me and said they'd spoken to Fresh Meat's producer who wanted me for the show I was incredibly excited. I was also a little apprehensive as this was my first feature role and I don't know what to expect, but overall I was really chuffed.

Were the Fresh Meat cast friendly?
As I had a feature role the assistant director introduced me to everyone during my first day on set. They all came over to shake my hand and some invited me to get coffee with them. Another cast member invited me to his upcoming comedy gig in Leeds. It was surreal as I'm used to being an extra and the main cast don't usually speak to extras.

What was the most challenging aspect of the role?
Probably the schedule. For early starts I had to be up at 04:30, hit the road to Manchester, sign in etc. Everything was such a rush. Then on set I had to act relaxed. It's difficult to go from two extremes.

What was your favourite moment on set? 
Extras often get called the day before a job and have to start at 6am. Then they might not use you! As I had a feature role they had specific times that they needed me so sometimes I got to strut in at 1pm. It felt great!

What can we expect to see you in next? 
Shana Furse, the voice of Iggle Piggle in In the Night Garden Live, contacted me to do a monologue. She wants to work with me but I'm afraid I can't give too much away.
My agent has lined up a few auditions in the near future. I'm still happy to do extra work but hopefully I'll get some more featured roles now. I want to rock my snakeskin boots on telly a bit more!

Dale plays 'Gary the goth' in Fresh Meat

Friday, 13 December 2013

Dior Addict Gloss Review

Dior. A beautiful brand that screams quality, class and luxury.
Not that I'm biased or anything...okay, maybe I'm a little biased, but only because of my previous experiences with their foundation and perfume ranges. If anything, I have very high expectations. 
The bottle is clear with 'Dior' raised on the plastic and an applicator wand on the inside. It's a brush, not doe foot, applicator.  
The gloss glides on easily in perfect quantities. My first impression was SPARKLY because the glitter to gloss ratio is phenomenal.The glitter is thousands of tiny glitter dots which dance at the slightest glimpse of light. 
It's not overly sticky, but the gloss is high shine and plumped my lips nicely. Think glamorous lady, not Katie Price at a glamour shoot.
The stay put time is long it takes you to eat or drink. Admittedly after a few hours the effect was slightly dulled but that's true of any lip gloss.
I don't think my lips have ever felt this luxurious. True Dior, true style.

So pucker up boys...

just kidding, I wouldn't want to smudge my gloss.

Dior Addict Gloss
Shade: 013 Etoilée
RRP £22

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Stress!

Every year Christmas is getting more stressful because, as an adult, people are expecting more from me than a card and Terry's Chocolate Orange.
Being a child was great because the most you had to do is write your name next to an adult's, in a card that they went to the effort of buying and share credit for the present they trawled to get. The worst you could do was write in a shocking scrawl that clashed against the pretty cursive of your guardian's.
But now I'm the one who is sending the share price of Royal Mail sky-rocketing with my stamp purchases, I'm the one elbowing people out of the way for that last Soap & Glory set and crippling myself waiting in endless lines, and it's my responsibility to risk paper cuts wrapping everything.
And it never ends! Everyday I think of a new person I need to send a card to or buy a gift for. Everyday I remember I need more wrapping paper/bows/present labels because no matter how many were left over last year I never have a single one in the house. And suddenly I'm endlessly trawling gift websites (instead of facebook) looking for 'that perfect gift' which I'm starting to think doesn't exist.
I now appreciate how stressful Christmas is and am mindful that it's only going to get worse. One day the responsibility of making Christmas dinner will fall on my shoulders (Christmas dinner in a can anyone?), but until that day comes I'm going to grab a gingerbread latte and relax in post shopping exhaustion.

In my wearied-from-Christmas mental state I'm beginning to
think a Terry's Chocolate Orange is the perfect gift