Thursday, 26 September 2013

Essential Student Meals

Most new students have now moved out of the parental home and are attempting to make their own way in the world. But what happens when the pre-made meals your mum packed you off with run out?
Don't fear! You shan't starve as long as you keep reading...

1) Spag bol; the student speciality. The great thing about this dish is its versatility. If you can make bolognese you can make chilli, lasagne and tacos by adjusting your seasoning. Also, lump it onto a jacket spud for an amazing, quick dinner. It even freezes and microwaves well so make a big batch that will last a few mealtimes.
2) Stew. As long as you have some form of meat (even multiple forms) and something green you can make a good stew. It's one pot cooking with minimal fuss, what more do you want?
3) Eggs. Everyone forgets about eggs! Poach, scramble or fry them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Turn leftover meat and veg into an omelette. Dare someone to swallow a raw one. The list is endless!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Make your own Instant Lattes!

Instant, package mix lattes can be expensive and packed with calories. You might be surprised to know your favourite drink is little more than coffee, flavourings and powdered milk!
So why not make your own? You'll save money, calories and can control the portion size.

To make a standard instant latte:
1 tsp instant coffee
3 tsp powdered milk
Your favourite mug and sugar to taste

It's really that simple! The great thing is you can adjust the above to your own tastes.
Use flavoured coffee (beanies and Douwe Egberts have a great range) to create vanilla, caramel or amaretto lattes. There's a whole range of flavours to choose from.
Add a spoon of hot chocolate powder to make a mocha.
Powdered skimmed milk makes a skinny latte or use full fat for a creamier taste.
You can also experiment with syrups for a sweet, flavoured treat.