Friday, 26 July 2013

The World's End Review

The much anticipated finale to the Cornetto trilogy was bittersweet. It reached the high standards of its predecessors and will most likely become another classic British comedy. Our only problem now is when will we next have a trilogy capable of matching its success?
The film is about Gary King (Pegg), self-entitled 'the king', who reunites his childhood friends to attempt the 12 pint pub crawl they failed in 1990. During this time they find themselves fighting off an alien invasion, as you do. It's a plot that's very enjoyable as long as you don't think about it too much.
Before the film I was apprehensive about whether the plot would work. After all, watching 40 year old men attempting to binge drink sounds, quite frankly, sad. But it worked. The contrast between Gary King, who never left the nineties, and his group of professional, (semi) mature friends was realistic, funny and sometimes heart warming. In between the non-PC jokes that is.
The production quality was great with a noticeably higher budget than Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The audience were treated to realistic explosions and even the quality of the fake blood seems to have improved since the days of zombies in the back garden.
If success was measured in laughter then The World's End would be a big hit. Snappy one liners and  running jokes had the audience in stitches, not to mention arming me with a whole range of memorable quotes ("stop starbucking everything!"). I'm conflicted about how to rate it though because while the script is hilarious and it's notoriously difficult to make a good sequel, never mind a trilogy, the ending is a real let down. It seemed to be thrown together with no real thought as to whether it flows with the overall plot. It's a real shame, but I'm still going to rate it 4 stars. A trilogy is no mean feat. Pegg, Frost and Wright have not let us down.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Big Move: Plane Travel

Flying is an ordeal to say the least. It's made only worse by flying with Ryanair. So why do I keep using them? There's no easy way to say this...I'm cheap. I'll forego happiness to save fifty quid. Recession guys, recession.
Checking in is a pain because I know my bag is under the 15kg allowance but somehow when it comes to being weighed my suitcase is always heavier than when I set off. If I was the conspiracy theory type I'd say Ryanair fixes their scale so they can charge you more...hmmm.
I do enjoy the duty free area though, who doesn't? But yet more baggage restriction prevents me from going too wild (a good thing really, I guess). I do resent paying £4 for a cup of 'coffee' (read: muck in a cup).
Flying would be less stressful if there weren't so many safety instructions. They make me aware that humans belong on the ground. I'm far more likely to die in a bus crash than a plane crash but buses don't keep reminding me of that so I don't worry about it. Ignorance is bliss.
Then there's the ear popping, the crying babies and the stomach turning cheeriness of the flight attendants. The best plan is leave me to quietly read Cosmopolitan and drink the severely over-priced coffee. I'll perk up in baggage claim. Then the fun of coaches can begin!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Monsters University Review

Seeing a children's film is hardly my idea of a rocking Wednesday night but, for the sake of nostalgia, myself and my friend went to see Monsters University. I have to say it was one of the best films I've seen this year! There was also no need to be embarrassed about being an adult seeing a children's film because there wasn't a single child in the cinema! It was all twenty-somethings with no shame.
The film begins with a young Mike whose dream of going to Monsters University is sparked by a class trip. So the little bugger works hard and gets into MU. Then he meets Sully (we all remember Sully *collective ahhhh*) who's that annoying slacker who never has a pen but wants to borrow yours. It's safe to say there's a hilarious clash.
I won't ruin the plot but the film features all the stereotypes you'd expect from an American university. There are nice but secretly bitchy girls, goths and 'jox'. There's some snappy one liners and comedy that we can all laugh at. And as it's a kids film it's 100% clean, which can be a nice change from adult films. 
The quality of animation is also excellent with attention to detail making for a good looking film. It's definitely a star addition to the Pixar portfolio and I predict it will match the success of the Monsters Inc film.
5 stars, easily.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Big Move: Packing

With 'the big move' (that's what I'm calling it) coming up I have had to begin the packing process. Understandably, sifting through everything I own and deciding what to keep and what to part with is a monumental task. Especially because, as an indecisive person, I tend to come back to the same maybe item three times before I decide it's turned into a no. I have separation issues with my clothes.
I've given away a good bit. In fact there's even more to give away but it's getting embarrassing now. I discovered another bag of clothes the other day (at my grandparents' house, I'm not some clothes wealthy diva) and have decided that enough is enough, My clothes have to find different homes.
A lot of my things are being given to charity. I know if I took the time I could stick them on eBay and make a few bob but donating them feels so much better. I like the idea that someone will stumble onto my old dress and appreciate it. Then in turn the charity gets a boost so we all win. Not to be a Self-Righteous Sally but if any of you have old clothes you should stick 'em in a bag and give them away. Even clothes you think have come to the end of their lives. Charities 'rag them' which basically means selling them off by the kilo. So even your old socks with the hole in the toe can help.
The thing is even tat, no matter how useless, seems to have some long forgotten dusty memory attached to it. I'm not cut out for this. Someone call Channel 4's 'The Hoarder Next Door' for me?

Fortunately for the cats they're already in Ireland
and do not have to be packed

Friday, 5 July 2013

It all Comes Down to This

It's finally here, after months of this countdown we have finally reached number 1! Can you guess it?
Well if you can't it's a poor do. It's my friends, obviously. What sort of sad act would I be if I missed pavements and Morrison's more than people?
The worst thing about missing friends is they're irreplaceable. Yes, all you out there take an ego boost. You're special one-of-a-kind people who I love. Or like very much.
I won't start naming everyone, that would get embarrassing and I'd have to think of a different compliment for every person. Over stretching my vocabulary may make it seem less sincere. But, awh, you're all just super. And that only sounds sarcastic because it is typed. It would be heart-warming if delivered vocally with the right tone. I swear.
Anyway, internet hugs to everyone. Yes, even you in the back. England has made some great people.

Group shot from my leaving night! Photoshop yourself
in if you feel left out.

There are scary moments at night when I lay awake in bed and worry I will have no one to drink a bottle of wine with. Then I remember Grandad's an avid whiskey drinker so having someone to booze with will never be an issue.