Friday, 21 June 2013

TWO Things I'll Miss

The penultimate post in my countdown is about something which you probably wouldn't think I'd miss considering I'm moving to Ireland. The pub.
OBVIOUSLY there are pubs in Ireland (the best pub to people ratio in Europe) but they're different. There's no chain of Yates and Wetherspoons selling two pitchers for £12. More like one pint for €5 which makes it harder to spend the afternoon sat in one without taking out another student loan.
There's also the problem that whatever pub you enter there will be somebody you know. Which limits the amount of karaoke I can do. And by karaoke I mean singing in the smoking area. No, you get drunk in your local and your mother will know before you've even started on your second voddy-n-coke.
There's also a great selection of pubs here, if you feel upmarket there's cocktail bars but if you feel upmarket yet your pocket won't back you up there's affordable cocktail bars.There's gastro pubs and pubs that serve microwave meals (but they're kind enough to put them on plates). Pubs that will always be stocked with old men and Tetley's (Ireland has these, but with Guinness). Sports bars...hey, I like pool! Student pubs and family friendly pubs. There's even a bar in Leeds that's shaped like a ship, although it's just a normal student bar inside; I'm sure somewhere there's a normal looking pub with a nautical inside.
Of course I'll find new pubs, but these are the ones I know so I feel attached to them. But if I get into that too much I'll start to miss Morrison's and the roads.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

THREE Times the Love of a Normal Blog Post

I'll miss the random freebies you can pick up walking through Leeds town. I've had soup, sweets, ice cream, granola bars, juice, hot chocolate, magazines, water saving kits for the garden, cereal, deodorants, hand warmers, stickers, chocolate, mascara, hazelnut milk, an ice scraper keyring for car windows, peppermint hot chocolate, pretzels, wrist bands, coffee flavoured milk, vouchers, enough pens to get me through the college year twice, condoms, hand sanitiser and endless leaflets about everything from God to electric buses.
I've played new computer games in massive tents. I've had a makeover on the bright pink Superdrug bus. I've watched, but never wanted to partake in, free games of basketball and football. Ditto goes for testing small electric cars.
Every one of these (except the sports) were nice surprises to my day. Some had perfect timing, like free fruit cooler samples on a sunny day. Or the hand warmer which I got during the freezing winter of 2010. I'll miss those unexpected boosts.

A pink double decker parked in the middle of the high-street?
Okay then.