Thursday, 29 November 2012

Flying Home for Christmas!

My grandmother rang last night and suggested I come home for Christmas. At first I dithered, weirdly, because I have exams in early January and have to spend a lot of time locked in a dark room with a single light bulb hanging over my head while I study. Then I realised that Ireland is the best place to study because the house is in the middle of nowhere (by English standards).
The next hurdle was booking the flights, luckily I got a bargain the whole thing cost £120, which includes a £50 fee for bringing a bag. I was charged almost £20 to pay by card...but every card had the same charge so it wasn't like I have a weird card or anything. Ryanair literally charges you to pay them. But a £120 round trip is still pretty amazing so I won't complain.
Here's the kicker though; my flight is 6:20am Saturday morning and, because I'm nothing short of a badass, I'm having my last Leeds night out of 2012 on the Friday. Partly because I want to be able to turn to someone at 2am and say "wow, look at the time! I'll be on a plane in 4 hours", because nothing sounds more rockstar than I've got a flight in 4 hours at 2am.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Twins of Evil Review (Manchester 27/11/2012)

When I first heard about the Twins of Evil gig I was surprised to see Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie touring together, I didn't really know what to expect but I knew whatever they did would be worth seeing. As it was my third time seeing Marilyn Manson I already knew he puts on one heck of a show, online videos and word of mouth confirmed Rob Zombie would do the same.
Marilyn Manson was the first on, opening with 'Hey Cruel World' followed by 'Disposable Teens' to get us in the spirit. I'm pleased to confirm the guy's still got it. Manson commanded the stage and belted out each song with real spirit. Or, whatever the dark version of spirit is.
The set list differed from his other gigs with 'Irresponsible Hate Anthem' being missed out. I won't lie, it's one of my favourite live songs so I was disappointed, but not for long. 'Coma White' was played, with fake snow and real heart it was a highlight of the show. Even more surprisingly 'King Kill' was played, yeah remember that?! He played it! And my favourite cover, 'Personal Jesus' was played too.
Manson's crowd interaction was as usual, you get the feeling he's worried about catching 'fan'. But there was enough to pacify the audience. There was no speech but a few quips and general mood boosting. The atmosphere was electric when he came on, so I guess the phrase the 'only way is up' doesn't apply when you're at maximum capacity.
I like Rob Zombie, don't get me wrong, but I was there for Manson and Zombie was like a happy extra. Well, what an extra! I thought I'd be content to stay for a few songs then move back as we were right at the front and it can get tiring after a few hours but nope, myself and my friends got even closer and lasted out the whole gig. What a show! Zombie has so much energy on stage and he really got involved with the crowd. And the guy's funny! From gentle fun poking at the sat down portion of the audience to pointing out "no matter how old you are, you see a mother fucking balloon and you gotta hit it!" Zombie made me laugh.
My favourite part of his set was each member of the band got a chance to do their own solos. Half of them are in Marilyn Manson so don't really get that opportunity, but wow, it was great seeing Ginger Fish's drumming ability and Piggy D's and John 5's guitar solos. Those guys are amazingly talented and it was good seeing them get time to shine. Also, they really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage. From the constant crowd interaction to the grin plastered on John 5's face (he was wearing sinister make-up, but nothing can mask the 'kid on Christmas day' look) you could tell they were having a blast.
I haven't even started on the music! Every song was great, delivered with precision and charisma  The stage props looked like something from Gears of War and the videos in the background added life to the stage. 'Living Dead Girl', 'Sick Bubblegum' and, of course, 'Dragula' were my personal favourites but every song was a pleasure to be present for.
Honestly, this concert was the best of my life and sets the bar high for future bands. Both Manson and Zombie proved you're never too old to rock mother fucker, rock!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Photo Issues!

You may have noticed all of my photos have been replaced with grey void signs. I have too, I don't know why they've been taken down and unfortunately I don't have the memory (in brain and computer terms) to replace them all.
I would e-mail blogger to complain because they're not all stolen from Google images. But truthfully, a lot of them are. I know, shocking. But don't you judge me, at least until you stop illegally downloading Ke$ha.
So I'll work on removing those grey, ugly voiding demons. Maybe update a few pictures. maybe not. It depends on how active my social life is.

Thanks for reading! (that's a broad thank you applying to all posts btw)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

5 Things I Enjoy About Being Single

According to all those Hollywood films I should be out there looking for a man, or flirting with that guy from the office or just generally beating myself up for being single. But, I live in Leeds. There isn’t exactly a plethora of ‘my type’ just waiting to meet me, I don’t work in an office and I’m fairly happy being single so I think the beating would be counterproductive.

1) The other side of my double bed is often used as the holding place for whatever book I’m reading, that’s right the place to traditionally keep a boyfriend has been filled with books. This mainly happens on those days where I hole myself up in my room to read frantically and take any negative feelings about my own life out on my Sims.
2) When I open a bottle of wine I can drink a bottle of wine. Not half a bottle of wine. It’s just good economics to be alone sometimes.
3) There’s no guilt about the fact I regularly visit Starbucks, not just for the great coffee, but for the great visual service I receive. I honestly pass three Starbucks to get to the one I want.
4) I can enjoy a flirt, I think that’s really the best thing about not being tied down to anyone you can be more carefree and wink at that lad who’s staring at you. Well, you can. I can’t wink. I look incredibly moronic and unattractive whenever I try. I’m not making this up; I’ve shown people my wink as a demonstration of how much I can’t wink. They agreed. I shouldn’t wink.
5)  I can buy and enjoy things like slippers with sheep on them, Christmas socks and Marilyn Manson t-shirts. They’re not sexy, sheep rarely are (it’s why you don’t get woolen bras), but I like them.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

I Hate Costa

Just like the Blur vs Oasis battle coffee lovers can be divided by Starbucks vs Costa, or good coffee vs liquid horse dung.
I think you can guess which side I'm on, it's not like I never gave Costa a chance, I actually have a Costa card with enough points to get whatever coffee I want for free. I just don't want any.
The problem isn't just the brand, I appreciate the Costa adverts. In fact, I really like the 'I was made for loving you' one. Though, Starbucks doesn't need such gimmicks. If you like good coffee you know where to go. The Costa empire itself is great feat of business ingenuity. But there's just something about it that makes me feel like I have a dirty taste in my mouth. Probably some subconscious reminder of the last time I went there.
The main problem is the coffee, it's so bitter! Take the last time I went, only last week actually. I was with a friend and we were driving up to Scotland. Warning! There are no services with a Starbucks on the way to Scotland. We need a break so we pull up and go to a proper sit-down Costa. I get a cappuccino but I receive a filter coffee with half a cup of tasteless foam. It wouldn't even stir in. I was scooping it up like ice cream but the foam sort of sat in my mouth until I mashed it up with my tongue. It's what I imagine eating bubbles from a bath would be like. The worst part was the coffee, even though I added two sugars it still had this edge to it that made my face turn to 'lemon mode'.
Maybe it was a bad cup? Oh, you optimists! I wish it was the first cup of bad coffee Costa served me. I almost gave up soya lattes after receiving ones which tasted burnt time after time. Then there was the time I tried a cold latte, which sounds a lot more appealing than coffee and cold milk. Which is all it is. With the added bitterness of the Costa brew.
This is how bad it got, after three blissful mornings of breakfast at Starbucks (well, if you can't do it on holiday) there was no way myself and my friend could go back to Costa. And we couldn't drive for five hours without a coffee break. Solution? Well thank you helpful barrista Alex, we bought Starbucks Via which is an instant coffee. Alongside it in the Starbucks swag bag was lunch, sugar and stirrers. Yes, stirrers, because in Costa the one I picked up had been bent in the middle. They can't even get that right!
So thank you Costa, for providing the hot water and milk for our coffees. It's all you could be trusted with.

And the cup was even beginning to peel away at the side.