Friday, 30 December 2011

The Penultimate Day of the Year!

Hello everyone! I'm feeling in a cheery mood thanks to some wonderful plans to spend NYE with all my closest friends. I just can wait to dress up and drink up!
Christmas day was a lot more festive than I thought it would be, when the morning actually came I realised that all the annoyances I'd suffered up until then really didn't matter. After all, the day is meant to be about family.
Myself and my father went to my grandmother's house, most of my immediate family was there and 4 out of 5 of my nephews and nieces. The day went well, there was lots to eat and we had a good laugh. It's not really something I can blog about because it'll be the same as everyone else's Christmas; screaming children, copious amounts of alcohol and bad cracker jokes.

How do you make a jacket last?
Make the trousers first!

My big night out is tomorrow, I've had my hair cut and have a lovely new top to wear. Life is good!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's a Crappy Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and all holiday cheer has officially drained from me, it all started about 3 days ago when a one sided argument with my mother (basically I answered the phone and listened for 10 minutes) ended up in my Christmas plans being cancelled. But, oh well right?
Then a mix up with my phone contract prompted an early withdrawal from the bank of Christmas money leaving not very much at all.
Surely that's enough right? No mother and dwindling present funds? Well it's not enough for Northern Rail who didn't show up this morning, meaning I missed my theory test and the £31 I'd already paid for it.
So, now I'm questioning whether to even get out of bed tomorrow, I'm seriously worried a piano will fall from a large building and squash me.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Inventions that Would Change the World (kinda)

1) Bobby pins with enough grip to actually stay in your hair instead of falling out during the day leaving you with annoying bits falling across your face all the time.
2) Non-stick pans that nothing can stick to, even when you're baking bread and there's that bit in the middle that always sticks and takes about an hour of soaking to remove.
3) Cars that beep when you hit 30/40/50/60mph so you don't accidentally speed. I never thought that keeping under 30 would be such a problem.
4) Mirrors that don't steam up, I know this one will take some meddling with the laws of physics but dammit if we can fly we can do anything!
5) Kettles that boil in under 30 seconds. Just because on a morning I'm so dying for a hot drink that it feels like torture waiting to hear the glorious 'click' of my kettle

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What Ever Happened to...

Today's blog is about, as you may have guessed, things that we used to do but now just don't. With advances in technology people are finding new, easier ways to do things. Just think back ten years; our computers took up half the desk, you couldn't use the house phone and the internet at the same time, you taped a show or missed it and hair straighteners had just been invented (hallelujah).

That's some piece of tec
Gone are the days of actually cooking, I read in Thursday's Metro that 4/10 people my age watch Come Dine With Me and Jamie Oliver cooking shows while eating microwave meals. Then there's me, who recently started baking her own bagels (thanks to Rachel Allen) and watches Delia Smith on an evening.
And buying music! Downloading is so quick I don't think you really appreciate it as much trudging into town, waiting in line then battling with the cellophane wrapped around the CD. Back before we had the download option music was more treasured. On the other hand how much do you really treasure Now 59?
But there's one thing I'll never let go of and that's spending real time with my friends. It's so easy just to send an e-mail, text or facebook message instead of telling someone something face to face. Sometimes I can go a few months without actually seeing my best friend, but having regular contact with her over the phone instead. So I make sure to clear a day, make us some treats, pop open some bubbly and have a good gossip.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Joy to the World it's December 1st!

It's December 1st and officially the start of my Christmas cheer! Only 15 more days until I break up from college, though my time off will be a study fest seeing as my exams are only a month away. I've changed my Twitter page ( theme to a Christmassy gingerbread people love fest and my baking cupboard has been stocked up with mixed spice and sultanas in preparation for making a Christmas cake.
Home Alone 2 is waiting for my on my Sky Plus box and my Bridget Jones Diary DVD has been dusted off ready for this weekend.
All in all I feel pretty darn merry.