Thursday, 20 October 2011

Our Laid Back Culture

Have you ever noticed how laid back people are today? I mean this literally. The amount of chairs I have to adjust when I use a library computer or get in my brother's car. I mean honestly, are you driving or taking a nap?!
There wouldn't be such an obesity crisis if people weren't lying back on the couch, shoveling crisps into their mouths and watching the latest mind numbing crap on TV. Not that there's any thing wrong with vegging out on the couch now and then, just, like with many things, moderation is key.
With the recession hitting us all it's no real surprise that we're choosing movie night in over disco night out (though we probably haven't been to a "disco" since we were tweens) and, let's face it, with the price war between supermarkets it's very easy to pick up a pizza and a tub of ice cream for less than a fiver. While I have read many articles about all those dreaded calories in alcohol I would like to point out that clubs are lively places. I never wake up 3lbs heavier from a wine binge because I've usually burnt it off in the form of 'shaking that thang' and repressing memories of 'shaking that thang'.
I recently heard on the news that the key to tackling obesity is to eat well and exercise. Shocking.
What I don't understand is how anyone can still not know this? People shouldn't need a million and one government schemes to help them lose weight. Yes, I do agree that children should receive an education on food and healthy living, and yes of course if someone goes to their doctors for help they should receive a diet plan etc, but really a line should be drawn. People have got free will in this country, if they want to eat chips every night let them! But stop lecturing the country like we're all a bunch of toddlers who can't understand why fruit gums aren't a healthy snack ("but mommy, fruit gums!).

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Great Britain in the Early Hours

The cold Autumn mornings have begun, gone are the blissful days of summer where I could lie in bed until my heart's content (about 9am). Now I face getting up in the dark, cold abyss of  October. The fact that I get up before the sun does just proves that human beings were not designed to get up so darn early.

Now that I've moaned a bit I can fill you all in on the cheerier aspects of my life *huzzah*
My little brother, Marty, is as cute as ever. I took him to the cinema last weekend to see Kung Fu Panda 2. I had forgotten how exciting the cinema is for a child, he was laughing and cheering along with the characters and every joke on screen ended with scores of laughter from everyone around us. Even I had a chuckle or two. As far as children's films go it was pretty decent, we're going to see Mr Popper's Penguins this Sunday which I think will be good because I love Jim Carrey films.
The best part about having a younger sibling, especially so much younger (Marty's 5), is you can still enjoy all the stuff from your own childhood but with the safety net of "oh it's just for my brother really". It works in my favour for seeing all the latest kids films, but I do get forced into playing unholy amounts of Jenga so it's only fair.