Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Pros of Being a Social Hermit

For the past 4 months I've been carefully squireling away my money to get myself driving lessons. This has obviously meant I've had to stop going to the pub, going out on a Saturday night and major cut backs to my fancy coffee fund (which, incidentally, used to consume 25% of my wage).
Lovely, but £3.50? Really?
Now I'm not living in doom and gloom, I still buy my nice smelling candles, the odd hair product and, of course, coffee but I've found by not going out as much I don't end up spending money on hairspray and high heels as well as the £20 of drinks I usually consume. Besides from the money I save here are the top 3 things I've discovered about staying in.

1) This is probably the most obvious, no hangover. Plus since I do my weekly shop on a Sunday no painful trips to the supermarket trying to keep within running distance of the loo in case of a revenge attack from the previous night's Sambuca (this has never happened but it's my number 1 hangover fear).

2) I love playing Xbox but find it hard to make time for it between college, work and going out. Now I've got more spare time I'm kicking ass on LA Noire nightly. It means I can bring up my dwindling gamer score (we bought the new Xbox in September but I never swapped my profiles over so I just started from scratch again) and gives me something to talk about when I'm with my gamer friends. In fact a few weeks ago I treated myself to a night out and ended up talking about Minecraft for 45 minutes, that's how cool I have become.

3) I can indulge my inner health freak. Since my money saving kick I've become the queen of pill popping, though these pills are the type you find in H&B's, not the crack den down the road. Not to mention all the healthy snacks I now have time to bake, I love experimenting with different recipes and adding my own kick.
I've also taken up an old hobby of mine; yoga. I'm not as bendable as a pipe cleaner yet, just knocking out ten poses before I go to bed but it is REALLY hard work. I'm stretching muscles I forgot I had but are now screaming "REMEMBER ME!" as I force myself into Warrior II.

So there you go, I hope this leaves you feeling like there is hope for you if you ever need to cut back and that all good things in life don't reside in a shopping centre.